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How It Works

1. Register

Click the "Register Now" button above to start your covid Test registration process.

2. Check Email

Upon successful registration a confirmation should be sent to your email containing the date, time and location of your scheduled test.

3. Arrive for Test

As there may be many tests taken that day be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early for your test.

4. View Results

After taking your covid test you should recieve an email within an hour enclosing your test results.


1st Ave 58th St brooklyn

This location will be open Jan. 20

Central Park S

Coming Soon

6 Ave & 56th St.

Location Coming Soon

Lexington & 42nd St. New York

Location Coming Soon

8 Ave & 42nd St. Manhatten

Location Coming Soon

6 Ave & 48 th st Manhattan

140 58th St, Bldg A Suite 3L, Brooklyn, NY 11220

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